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What’s Trending?

Metaverse has been gaining extreme popularity and attention lately — and this is just a start. The industry is growing rapidly, welcoming people that were never connected to blockchain and crypto before. Big tech moguls like Mark Zuckerberg are promoting and campaigning for the idea which has drawn enormous attention and exposure to the industry to prove its promising future.

Utopia believes that the mass adoption of metaverse is just a matter of time, celebrities being the core factor for building “bridges” between the technology and ordinary customers. If we can properly utilize the power of social media influencers and celebrities, it will help more people to better understand the concept and take us a step further to the actual realization.

Metaverse will change the world forever, and you have to answer the question — Do you want to be in the forefront of the change? If yes, that’s exciting, and you are welcome to join the Utopia Ambassador Program.

Join Utopia Ambassador Program

Utopia has always been a strong advocate of spreading positivity and creativity since the beginning of our product design. We believe together we could contribute our talent and kindness to building a better place where everyone can enjoy the benefits that blockchain and metaverse bring to us.

Whether you are a technical developer, a blockchain enthusiast, or an influential KOL, we welcome people with different skills to join our community and make a positive contribution to Utopia.

We aim to unite capable individuals from around the world and maintain a strong consensus community.

Enjoy these benefits when you join this Program:

🎁 Prizes and awards

📖 First-hand official information

🤩 Priority access

😎 Exclusive honorary influence

As a Utopia Ambassador, you will have the chance to work closely with our highly experienced team and to build a network of metaverse followers to promote your personal development as a community member of the Ambassador program. Meanwhile, you can also develop valuable skill sets in the metaverse to better prepare yourself for the infinite possibilities.

Utopia Ambassadors’ Contribution

Utopia metaverse expects to establish a very strong community unity, which indicates that a mix of broad spectrum of skills and industry specific knowledge is the key for a successful developing product.

The purpose of our ambassador program is to connect creators with their fan base through Utopia metaverse, as well as to attract blockchain enthusiasts that will utilize their industry specific knowledge and know-how to further develop the ecosystem and make our ecosystem more advanced and futuristic.

Utopia Ambassadors’ responsibilities will include:

  • Build and enlarge the presence and brand image of Utopia among metaverse communities and other interest groups;
  • Recommend and promote our network to other social media influencers, press agencies, possible project partnerships and decision-makers;
  • Increase the exposure of Utopia in social media through the creation of exclusive Utopia content, as well as the customized and localized content for audience from different countries;
  • Interact with the Utopia metaverse community via all social networks (Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and others);
  • Train other Ambassadors to learn new skill sets and product knowledge.

After a successful completion of the selection process, each ambassador will receive clear and transparent guidelines to make sure that they are acting in the best interests of the Utopia metaverse. In addition, each member will be provided with the necessary resources for a successful implementation of these initiatives.

Utopia not only dreams big about future, but actually takes actions step by step to lead our community to a better space by uniting talents and spreading positivity.

How to Join

To join our ambassador program, simply send your inquiry to

You can join our Telegram community @utopiacoin_official for more information.

Please do not heisitate to contact @rahulrahulm on Telegram regarding the program!

About Utopia

Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain! Enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more DeFi apps all in one in the Utopia universe. It is the first-ever project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem token in the world. Come and join to explore the infinite possibilities that Utopia brings to you!

Where to find more about Utopia?

Stay tuned by visiting the following official channels.





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Or simply drop an email

Utopia believes that together we can build a metaverse where everyone can reach their full potential and explore infinite possibilities with each other. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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