Soul Reverse Zero: Ignite Your Warrior Spirit

The first-ever NFT card trade game to hit Utopia is the Japanese style fantasy and super trending two-dimensional RPG “Soul Reverse Zero” (developed by SEGA).

Soul Reverse Zero is a Japanese style horizontal card game with the theme of “Hero Reversal”. In the game, the protagonist (player) can summon historical and mythological heroes and embark on an adventure with the heroine “Luigi” to save the world.

The story of “Soul Reverse Zero” starts like this:

• The peace in the harvest land of Gramedia is maintained by the Gate of Radix and the witches who serve the Gate of Radix. This peace was broken by the sudden appearance of a dark force that called itself the “follower of record” and brought the world to an end.

• The only one who can fight against the “follower of record” is the “King of Souls” who summons the “Spirit”.

• Discovering your own power, you will summon a spirit together with the heroine “Luigi” to fight against the “follower of record”.

The otherworldly fantasy adventure to save the world has begun!

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