Utopia: A Metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain

Everything you need to know about Utopia is here!

🪐 Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain!

🤗 Enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more DeFi apps all in one in the Utopia universe.

🌟 It is the first-ever project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem token in the world.

🙌 Come and join to explore the infinite possibilities that Utopia brings to you!

lockchain and the metaverse have been the center of attention for years. As enthusiasm from the global audience continues to grow, Utopia promises their users an all-in-one metaverse that transforms everything into the blockchain. With multiple practical applications, high-impact use cases and numerous incentives, Utopia is committed to creating a metaverse project that maps one-to-one with reality and gives actual value to users to utilize stablecoins and form their own decentralized autonomous organizations.

What’s New

This month, Utopia is expected to launch testnet and mainnet, Utopia non-fungible token (NFT), Utopia Blind Box and Utopia trading card game.

With Utopia’s ecosystem and user base getting bigger, you can expect more high quality applications, trending games, and other exciting news!

Our Vision

Utopia is run by a team of highly experienced developers in the public chain and decentralized finance (DeFi) field with a Goldman Sachs background and aims to create a parallel universe beyond a metaverse, offering their users endless identities, assets, social status and, most importantly, infinite possibilities that can be connected with reality.

Users can partake in activities like games, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), decentralized lending and NFT marketplace, among others.

Utopia has always set asset safety as top priority since the beginning of product design. It has passed the smart contract security audit offered by AnChain.AI in the United States.

Utopia Parallel Universe Explained

In the Utopia parallel universe, Utopia stablecoin (Ustablecoin) is the only universally legal stable currency. Like DAI, it adopts a 110% excess margin system and is based on mainstream loan coins such as BTC and ETH to generate a variety of real legal currencies that are linked to Ustablecoins, such as UUSD, UEUR, UAUD, etc. All Utopians can participate in all activities in the Utopia universe by utilizing Ustablecoins, including but not limited to games, decentralized exchange, decentralized lending, NFT markets and other economic activities.

Utopia Roles

Each user in the Utopia ecosystem can play one or more of the following roles, and each role has different financial and systematic incentives.

Producer: In the Utopia universe, users who deposit collateral assets and generate Ustablecoins are called producers, and they can get UC rewards and reinvest income.

Protector: Protectors can obtain liquidation income by providing Ustablecoins to Moat Pool, which is called protectors, and can obtain UC rewards and collateral asset liquidation fees.

Utopian: In the Utopia universe, interactors who use Ustablecoins to participate in various applications in the universe, including but not limited to games, decentralized lending, NFT markets, and other economic activities, called Utopian, can obtain Ustablecoin revenue.

Adventurer: In the Utopia universe, adventurers can obtain high returns by providing liquidity to UC LP / Ustablecoin LP / NFT LP, etc., including UC rewards, collateral asset liquidation fees, and application income.

Voter: Governance token holders can obtain voting rights for governance proposals by exchanging UC. Those who hold UC, called voters, can obtain UC rewards, collateral asset liquidation fees, stability fee income, and application income.

Unique Innovations

Various apps and open ecosystem

Utopia and its developers offer a wide range of different apps, GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more.

All apps in one governance token

All apps in the Utopia metaverse are governed by one governance token UC.

110% collateralization ratio

A maximum of $110 of collateral assets can be minted as stablecoins from $100, maximizing the funds to enter the Utopia metaverse.

Multi-collateral assets

Utopia accepts multiple coins and multiple tokens to efficiently maximize the funds. NFTs will join the list soon as well.

Innovation mechanism

Utopia introduces Ustablecoins as the only universally legal token in the Utopia ecosystem. Its flexibility and scalability will provide an easy and efficient way for its users to utilize Ustablecoins and maximize returns.

Multiple streams of profits

All the fees generated in the Utopia ecosystem will be distributed to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in Utopia including GameFi, DEX, NFT marketplace, etc.

How Utopia’s Parallel Universe Maps into the Real World

Where to find more about Utopia?

Stay tuned by visiting the following official channels.





One page

Or simply drop an email info@utopiacoin.org.

Utopia believes that together we can build a metaverse where everyone can reach their full potential and explore infinite possibilities with each other. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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A metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain!🚀🌕