Utopia First Round Pre IDO Set to Open on Feb 14

Utopia’s first round presale is coming online

4 min readFeb 11, 2022

Utopia is excited to announce that our first round IDO is prepared to be launched on Feb 14th. The event marks it’s the first time Utopia opens its token system to the public.

Since our whitelist competition finished two months ago, we’ve been receiving hot messages from our enthusiastic Utopians unstoppably. We promise we hear you!

If you are here, you have decided to participate in Utopia coin presale and make an investment into your future. In this article, we are going to guide you through all the details of this process, as well as give you some general tips if it is one of your first times investing into utility tokens.

The first presale is full of great token offerings as well as other surprise, spread across Binance chain and BNB system. You can get up to 20% discount compared to public sale. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Please note: Only our whitelist winners can participate in the pre IDO. You can check the winner list here.

What Is a Token Sale?

Token sales are a crowdfunding tool used to build capital by start-ups or in order to launch a new project. In a token sale, a certain amount of new cryptocurrency created by the organizers is acquired by investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin). Token or coin sales can be also called IDOs (initial dex offerings).

What Is Utopia Coin?

Utopia Coin(UC) is a utility coin based on the BEP-20 and Binance blockchain, which is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. Thus, this token is guaranteed to work properly in the ecosystem. It can be used in other decentralized programs without any problems. BEP-20 standard ensures the token meets the security requirements that are common in the industry.

UTOPIA Token Presale Overview

⚡️ Only 1000 Whitelist Winners can participate in the Presale

⚡️ Top 100 winners: subscription limit of 1BNB

⚡️ Top 100–300 winners: subscription limit of 0.5BNB

⚡️ Top 300–1000 winners: subscription limit of 0.25BNB

Pre IDO Price:0.003BNB

IDO Price:0.005BNB



More information can be found in Utopia White Paper.

Who is eligible for presale?

The answer is our whitelist winners. The maximum number of Utopia Coins they are allowed to purchase is a little different depending on their tiers.

Where can I check the winner list?

If you’re not sure, or simply forget the winner list, you can click the link below and check if you’re in the list:


What time will the presale be?

Feb 14th, 10:00 AM UTC

Utopia Coin Total Supply


Presale Supple


Payment Methods


Presale Termination

To be decided.


Those who participate in the presale will receive three random NFTs which will be featured in Utopia’s card trading game Soul Reverse. You not only can trade, collect and share those NFT cards, but also use them in the game to enhance your performance.

Soul Reverse Zero NFT Card 1
Soul Reverse Zero NFT Card 2
Soul Reverse Zero NFT Card 3
Soul Reverse Zero NFT Card 4

Risk warning and disclaimer

Utopia’s safety is our top priority, and we encourage our users to research and understand the risks involved before participating in the agreement. Utopia smart contracts are designed as security priorities and have been independently audited by third-party auditors and unassociated consultants. Before any future protocol upgrades, we will also conduct security audits before any new deployments. However, we cannot guarantee that the audit can eliminate or highlight all potential risks involved. We encourage our users to exercise their own judgment and suggest that they should be cautious when considering whether it is appropriate to participate in the agreement.

Utopia is non-custodial and cannot obtain user funds. However, we do have an administrative key with special privileges, allowing us to suspend and modify the contract in an emergency. We plan to introduce a time lock to give enough notice so that the community can monitor any changes before they happen. We are big fans of decentralized governance, but we are also aware of the limitations of the eagerness to move toward decentralized governance. As time goes by, we will gradually grow in accordance with the development route.

Public Sale Time

To be decided.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our official accounts: https://linktr.ee/UtopiaCoinOrg

We truly hope every Utopians will participate in and enjoy this presale opportunity. Our development team and design team have been working hard to make sure this presale runs as smooth as possible.

Every Utopian will get on board with our Utopia Coins. To the moon! 🚀🚀

About Utopia

Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain. It is the first-ever project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem token.

Enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more DeFi apps all in one in Utopia universe.

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