Utopia Testnet Contest Launch! 50,000 UC up for grabs!

2 min readSep 22, 2021

Utopia is a multi-currency stablecoin banking protocol with multi-chain support, on-chain governance and multi-collateral. With Utopia’s Rinkeby testnet app launched, Utopia is inviting individuals within the community to participate in public product testing. The test does not involve related functional modules currently under development or planned implementation. Participating users will have the opportunity to win a large number of UC in the form of airdrops, once the Utopia Protocol has launched to the Ethereum mainnet.

Test Start: 10:00 AM AEST — 27/09/2021

How to participate:

1. Join the Utopia Telegram community (https://t.me/UtopiaCoinOrg)

2. Follow Utopia’s official Twitter (https://twitter.com/UtopiaCoinOrg), retweet, set-top and @ three friends.

3. After completing the above tasks, the first 2,000 users can get 5 UC airdrop rewards;

4. Moreover, participate in Utopia’s product test (https://app-testnet.utopiacoin.org/#/).

5. Complete all the above tasks and fill in the Reward Form(https://form.jotform.com/212687328198064). The top 2,000 users will be awarded UC airdrops according to the revenue collected during the test. UC airdrop rewards will be distributed after the product launch.

Rewards Details:

The 1st Place winner: 3,000 UC

The 2nd Place winner: 2,500 UC

The 3rd Place winner: 2,000 UC

4th: 1,500 UC

5th: 1,000 UC

6th-100th:15,000 UC in total

101st-2000th:15,000 UC in total

* UC airdrop formula for 6th to 2000th users (your test gain ÷ total gain of the particular ranking brackets that your test gain lies in) * UC reward in that ranking brackets. For example, you received a total of 500 virtual UCs revenue during the test, ranking 50th, and all users from 6th-100th received a total of 40,000 virtual UCs (unrealizable) , then the airdrop rewards you can get is: (500÷40,000)×15,000=187.5 UC


1) Testing will happen on the Rinkeby testnet chain, and the assets will be aggregated into Utopia.

2) Virtual UC revenue obtained by participating in the test is not realizable.

3) After completing the basic tasks, users need to fill in our form, and the ranking will be published within 7 working days after the end of the test; The statistical method is based on the amount of income received from a single address, excluding transfer income;

4) The UC airdrop reward will be issued after the launch, and the reward of the account address with malicious behavior will be cancelled;

5) During the public test, if finding any bugs, you can give us timely feedback for extra rewards;

7)Utopia has the final right of interpretation of this event.

To learn more about Utopia, you can visit the following official channels:

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