Utopia Weekly Project Update

Time flies by! As we’re reaching the end of 2021, let’s look back together of what progress Utopia has mad in this week!

Development Updates

  • Whitelist pre IDO competition finalization
  • Launching NFT and metaverse project for festival occasions
  • Continuing to develop card trading games and blind boxes; will be launching soon
  • Multi-chain projects under development
  • Preparing to launch Utopia NFT marketplace

Marketing Updates

  • Telegram group members: 1373
  • Twitter followers: 4566
  • Telegram channel subscribers: 2808
  • Comprehensive social media channels established
  • Ambassador program under development
  • Extensive twitter promotion

Utopia has achieved so much in 2021 thanks to our followers, fans, and believers. We couldn’t have done this without all the help and support from you.

See you next year. Let’s make Utopia a better place for everyone!

About Utopia

Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain. It is the first-ever project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem token.

Enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more DeFi apps all in one in Utopia universe.

Contact Utopia

Stay tuned by visiting the following official channels.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Reddit

Email: info@utopiacoin.org




A metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain!🚀🌕

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A metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain!🚀🌕

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